Source code for cfme.automate.simulation

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
from collections import Mapping

from cfme.fixtures import pytest_selenium as sel
from cfme.web_ui import Form, Input, Select, ShowingInputs, fill, flash, form_buttons

[docs]class AVPForm(object): """Maps dictionary to Attribute/Value pair subform""" # TODO: To be moved to web_ui to be shared with control explorer def __init__(self, attr_prefix="attribute_", val_prefix="value_", start_number=1, end_number=5): self.ap = attr_prefix self.vp = val_prefix self.start = start_number self.end = end_number @property
[docs] def num_fields(self): return (self.end - self.start) + 1
[docs] def fill(self, data): assert len(data.keys()) <= self.num_fields,\ "You can fill max. {} fields!".format(self.num_fields) for i, key in enumerate(data, self.start): fill("input#{}{}".format(self.ap, i), key) fill("input#{}{}".format(self.vp, i), data[key])
@fill.method((AVPForm, Mapping)) def _fill_avp_form(avp, data): avp.fill(data) sim_form = Form(fields=[ ("instance", Select("select#instance_name")), ("message", Input("object_message")), ("request", Input("object_request")), ("attribute", ShowingInputs( Select("select#target_class"), Select("select#target_id"), min_values=1, )), ("execute_methods", Input("readonly")), ("avp", AVPForm()), ]) sim_btn = form_buttons.FormButton("Submit Automation Simulation with the specified options")
[docs]def simulate(**data): """Runs the simulation of specified Automate object. Args: **data: See :py:data:`sim_form` for keyword reference """ sel.force_navigate("automate_simulation") if data.get("attribute", None) is None: t = sel.text(sim_form.attribute[0].options[0]).encode("utf-8") # None[0], t) fill(sim_form, data, action=sim_btn) flash.assert_message_match("Automation Simulation has been run") flash.assert_no_errors()