Source code for cfme.fixtures.login

import pytest
from utils.browser import ensure_browser_open, quit
from cfme.login import login_admin

[docs]def recycle(): quit() ensure_browser_open() login_admin()
[docs]def logged_in(browser): """ Logs into the system as admin and then returns the browser object. Args: browser: Current browser object. Yields: Browser object """ ensure_browser_open() try: login_admin() except pytest.sel.WebDriverException as e: # If we find a web driver exception, we can recycle the browser as long # as it is a jquery error as we know about those if "jquery" not in str(e).lower(): raise recycle() except pytest.sel.NoSuchElementException as e: # We have also seen instances where the page gets stuck on something other # than the login page, and gobbles tests, this is an attempt to fix that recycle() yield browser()