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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
from functools import partial
from cfme import web_ui as ui

from import nav
from cfme.exceptions import StorageManagerNotFound
from cfme.fixtures import pytest_selenium as sel
from cfme.web_ui import Form, InfoBlock, MultiFill, Region, SplitTable, fill, flash
from cfme.web_ui import form_buttons, paginator, toolbar
from utils.update import Updateable
from utils.wait import wait_for

list_page = Region(locators=dict(
        header_data=("//div[@id='list_grid']/div[@class='xhdr']/table/tbody", 1),
        body_data=("//div[@id='list_grid']/div[@class='objbox']/table/tbody", 1),

cfg_btn = partial(, "Configuration")

def _get_sm_name(o):
    if isinstance(o, StorageManager):
        return str(o)

def _find_and_click_sm(context):
    """Incorporates searching through the page listing and clicking in the table. Also ensures
    waiting for the transition as there is no ajax hook."""
    sm_name = _get_sm_name(context["storage_manager"])
    for page in paginator.pages():
        if sel.is_displayed("#no_records_div"):
        if list_page.managers_table.click_cell("name", sm_name):
            sel.wait_for_element("#textual_div")  # No ajax wait there :(
    raise StorageManagerNotFound("Storage manager with name '{}' not found!".format(sm_name))

        "storage_manager_new": lambda _: cfg_btn("Add a New Storage Manager"),
        "storage_manager": [
                "storage_manager_edit": lambda _: cfg_btn("Edit this Storage Manager"),

[docs]class StorageManager(Updateable): """Represents the Storage / Storage Managers object. Allows interaction Args: name: Name of the Storage Namager as it appears in the UI. type: Type of the Storage Manager (eg. StorageManager.NETAPP_RS, ...) hostname: Host name of the machine. ip: IP Address of the machine. port: Port of the machine. credentials: :py:class:`dict` or :py:class:`StorageManager.Credential` """
[docs] class Credential(Updateable): def __init__(self, username=None, password=None): self.username = username self.password = password
form = Form(fields=[ ("name", ui.Input("name")), ("type", ui.Select("select#sm_type")), ("hostname", ui.Input("hostname")), ("ip", ui.Input("ipaddress")), ("port", ui.Input("port")), ("credentials", Form(fields=[ ("username", ui.Input("userid")), ("password", MultiFill( ui.Input("password"), ui.Input("verify") )) ])), ]) validate = form_buttons.FormButton("Validate the credentials by logging into the Server") add = form_buttons.FormButton("Add this Storage Manager") ## # Types constants. Extend if needed :) NETAPP_RS = "NetApp Remote Service" def __init__(self, name=None, type=None, hostname=None, ip=None, port=None, credentials=None): = name self.type = type self.hostname = hostname self.ip = ip self.port = port self.credentials = credentials
[docs] def create(self, validate=True, cancel=False): sel.force_navigate("storage_manager_new") fill(self.form, self) if validate: if cancel: else: flash.assert_no_errors()
[docs] def update(self, updates, validate=True, cancel=False): sel.force_navigate("storage_manager_edit", context={"storage_manager": self}) fill(self.form, updates) if validate: if cancel: else: flash.assert_no_errors()
[docs] def delete(self, cancel=False): self.navigate() cfg_btn("Remove this Storage Manager from the VMDB", invokes_alert=True) sel.handle_alert(cancel) flash.assert_no_errors()
[docs] def navigate(self): sel.force_navigate("storage_manager", context={"storage_manager": self})
[docs] def refresh_inventory(self): self.navigate() cfg_btn("Refresh Inventory", invokes_alert=True) sel.handle_alert(cancel=False) flash.assert_no_errors()
[docs] def refresh_status(self): self.navigate() cfg_btn("Refresh Status", invokes_alert=True) sel.handle_alert(cancel=False) flash.assert_no_errors()
[docs] def wait_until_updated(self, num_sec=300): def _wait_func(): self.navigate() return InfoBlock("Properties", "Last Update Status").text.strip().lower() == "ok" wait_for(_wait_func, num_sec=num_sec, delay=5)
[docs] def exists(self): try: self.navigate() return True except StorageManagerNotFound: return False