A model of an Infrastructure Host in CFME

var page:A cfme.web_ui.Region object describing common elements on the Providers pages.
var properties_form:
 A cfme.web_ui.Form object describing the main add form.
var credentials_form:
 A cfme.web_ui.Form object describing the credentials form.
class, hostname=None, ip_address=None, custom_ident=None, host_platform=None, ipmi_address=None, mac_address=None, credentials=None, ipmi_credentials=None, interface_type='lan')[source]

Bases: utils.update.Updateable, utils.pretty.Pretty

Model of an infrastructure host in cfme.

  • name – Name of the host.
  • hostname – Hostname of the host.
  • ip_address – The IP address as a string.
  • custom_ident – The custom identifiter.
  • host_platform – Included but appears unused in CFME at the moment.
  • ipmi_address – The IPMI address.
  • mac_address – The mac address of the system.
  • credentials (Credential) – see Credential inner class.
  • ipmi_credentials (Credential) – see Credential inner class.


myhost = Host(name='vmware',
              credentials=Provider.Credential(principal='admin', secret='foobar'))
class Credential(**kwargs)[source]

Bases: cfme.Credential, utils.update.Updateable

Provider credentials

Parameters:**kwargs – If using IPMI type credential, ipmi = True

Assign Policy Profiles to this Host.

Parameters:policy_profile_namesstr with Policy Profile names. After Control/Explorer coverage goes in, PolicyProfile objects will be also passable.
Host.create(cancel=False, validate_credentials=False)[source]

Creates a host in the UI

  • cancel (boolean) – Whether to cancel out of the creation. The cancel is done after all the information present in the Host has been filled in the UI.
  • validate_credentials (boolean) – Whether to validate credentials - if True and the credentials are invalid, an error will be raised.

Deletes a host from CFME

Parameters:cancel – Whether to cancel the deletion, defaults to True
Host.equal_drift_results(row_text, section, *indexes)[source]

Compares drift analysis results of a row specified by it’s title text

  • row_text – Title text of the row to compare
  • section – Accordion section where the change happened; this section must be activated
  • indexes – Indexes of results to compare starting with 0 for first row (latest result). Compares all available drifts, if left empty (default).


There have to be at least 2 drift results available for this to work.

Returns:True if equal, False otherwise.
Host.execute_button(button_group, button, cancel=True)[source]

Gets list of all datastores used by this host


Gets details from the details infoblock

The function first ensures that we are on the detail page for the specific host.

Parameters:*ident – An InfoBlock title, followed by the Key name, e.g. “Relationships”, “Images”

Returns: A string representing the contents of the InfoBlock’s value.


Check if host has valid credentials saved

Returns: True if credentials are saved and valid; False otherwise

Host.pretty_attrs = ['name', 'hostname', 'ip_address', 'custom_ident']

Runs smartstate analysis on this host


The host must have valid credentials already set up for this to work.

Host.tag(tag, **kwargs)[source]

Tags the system by given tag


Unssign Policy Profiles to this Host.

Parameters:policy_profile_namesstr with Policy Profile names. After Control/Explorer coverage goes in, PolicyProfile objects will be also passable.

Removes the selected tag off the system

Host.update(updates, cancel=False, validate_credentials=False)[source]

Updates a host in the UI. Better to use utils.update.update context manager than call this directly.

  • updates (dict) – fields that are changing.
  • cancel (boolean) – whether to cancel out of the update., do_not_navigate=False)[source]

Find and return a quadicon belonging to a specific host

Parameters:host – Host name as displayed at the quadicon

Returns: cfme.web_ui.Quadicon instance[source]

Returns list of all hosts[source][source]

Creates a Host object given a yaml entry in cfme_data.



Returns: A Host object that has methods that operate on CFME[source][source][source]