cfme.web_ui.jstimelines module

A Timelines object represents the Timelines widget in CFME using JS integration instead of relying on WebElements

param loc:A locator for the Timelines element, usually the div with id miq_timeline.
class cfme.web_ui.jstimelines.Event(element)[source]

Bases: cfme.web_ui.jstimelines.Object

An event object.


Attempts to return a dict with the information from the popup.

close_button = '//div[@class="timeline-event-bubble-title"]/../../div[contains(@style, \'close-button\')]'
data_block = '//div[@class="timeline-event-bubble-title"]/../..//div[@class="timeline-event-bubble-body"]'

Returns the image name of an event.

window_loc = '//div[@class="timeline-event-bubble-title"]/../..'
class cfme.web_ui.jstimelines.Object(element)[source]

Bases: utils.pretty.Pretty

A generic timelines object.

Parameters:element – A WebElement for the event.
pretty_attrs = ['element'][source]

A generator yielding all events.


Finds all events for a given vm.

Parameters:vm_name – The vm name.