cfme.web_ui.multibox module

class cfme.web_ui.multibox.Async(value)[source]

Bases: utils.category.CategoryBase

class cfme.web_ui.multibox.MultiBoxSelect(unselected, selected, to_unselected, to_selected, remove_all=None, sync=None, async=None)[source]

Bases: utils.pretty.Pretty

Common UI element for selecting multiple items.

Presence in eg. Control/Explorer/New Policy Profile (for selecting policies)

  • unselected – Locator for the left (unselected) list of items.
  • selected – Locator for the right (selected) list of items.
  • to_unselected – Locator for a button which moves items from right to left (unselecting)
  • to_selected – Locator for a button which moves items from left to right (selecting)
  • remove_all – If present, locator for a button which unselects all items (Default None)
add(*values, **kwargs)[source]

Mark items for selection and then clicks the button to select them.

Parameters:*values – Values to select
flush: By using flush keyword, the selected items list is flushed prior to selecting
new ones

Returns: bool with success.

classmethod categorize(values, sync_l, async_l, dont_care_l)[source]

Does categorization of values based on their Sync/Async status.

  • values – Values to be categorized.
  • sync_l – List that will be used for appending the Sync values.
  • async_l – List that will be used for appending the Async values.
  • dont_care_l – List that will be used for appending all the other values.
classmethod default()[source]

The most common type of the MultiBoxSelect

Returns: MultiBoxSelect instance

pretty_attrs = ['unselected', 'selected']

Mark items for deselection and then clicks the button to deselect them.

Parameters:*values – Values to deselect

Returns: bool with success.


Flush the list of selected items.

Returns: bool with success.

class cfme.web_ui.multibox.SelectItem

Bases: tuple

SelectItem(sync, value, text)


Alias for field number 0


Alias for field number 2


Alias for field number 1

class cfme.web_ui.multibox.Sync(value)[source]

Bases: utils.category.CategoryBase