fixtures.blockers module

Collection of fixtures for simplified work with blockers.

You can use the blocker() fixture to retrieve any blocker using blocker syntax (as described in metaplugins.blockers). The bug() fixture is specific for bugzilla, it accepts number argument and spits out the BUGZILLA BUG! (, not the utils.blockers.BZ instance!). The blockers() retrieves list of all blockers as specified in the meta marker. All of them are converted to the utils.blockers.Blocker instances


Return any blocker that matches the expression.

Returns:Instance of utils.blockers.Blocker
fixtures.blockers.blockers(uses_blockers, meta)[source]

Returns list of all assigned blockers.

Returns:List of utils.blockers.Blocker instances.

Return bugzilla bug by its id.

Returns:Instance of or NoneType if the bug is closed.
fixtures.blockers.pytest_collection_modifyitems(session, config, items)[source]