markers.smoke module

smoke: Mark a test as a smoke test to be run as early as possible

Mark a single test as a smoke test, moving it to the beginning of a test run.

The –halt-on-smoke-test-failure command-line argument will halt after running the smoke tests if any smoke tests fail.

This mark must be used with caution, as marked tests must be able to run out of order, and in isolation.

Furthermore, smoke tests are an excellent target for the requires_test mark since they’re run first.

class markers.smoke.SmokeTests(reporter)[source]

Bases: object

complete = False
failed_tests = 0
halt_on_fail = False
pytest_runtest_teardown(item, nextitem)[source]
reported = False
run_tests = 0
start_time = 0.0
markers.smoke.pytest_collection_modifyitems(session, config, items)[source]