utils.perf module

Functions that performance tests use.

utils.perf.collect_log(ssh_client, log_prefix, local_file_name, strip_whitespace=False)[source]

Collects all of the logs associated with a single log prefix (ex. evm or top_output) and combines to single gzip log file. The log file is then scp-ed back to the host.


Takes a top memory unit from top_output.log and converts it to MiB

utils.perf.generate_statistics(the_list, decimals=2)[source]

Returns comma seperated statistics over a list of numbers.

Returns: list of samples(runs), minimum, average, median, maximum,
stddev, 90th(percentile), 99th(percentile)

Obtains the pid of the first worker with the worker_type specified

utils.perf.set_rails_loglevel(level, validate_against_worker='MiqUiWorker')[source]

Sets the logging level for level_rails and detects when change occured.